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Beautify Ewing Campaign

IMG_9562Communities that want to be seen as welcoming and vibrant places to live, work, and play benefit greatly from gardens filled with beautiful plants and trees enhancing both public and residential spaces. Beautification adds value to a town. It enhances the sense of pride in the community and makes public spaces feel more welcoming. Residents are more likely to shop in more welcoming commercial areas, so beautification enhances the economic vitality of a municipality.

Ewing residents indicated that they agreed with those values during the Ewing Green Team’s (EGT’s) 2014 Community Visioning process when they identified a Community Beautification project as one of their 21 interests and actions areas. EGT members Dave Byers, retired landscape architect and Isles volunteer and Joanne Mullowney, retired librarian and lifetime gardener, volunteered to jointly manage a Beautify Ewing Campaign.

A first Beautify Ewing Campaign project brought a number of volunteers together to clean up litter from Green Lane near the TCNJ college entrance in the autumn of 2014.  The second oversaw the design and installation of new North and South entrance gardens at the municipal complex on Jake Garzio Drive.  The gardens were designed by landscape architect and EGT member Dave Byers and EGT Co-Chair Joanne Mullowney. The EGT proposed that the gardens be designed with a dual purpose. (1) That they should be an ornament to the township municipal building and a focal point for both entrances and (2) that the gardens also serve as pollinator gardens to provide food and habitat for native pollinators such as butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, etc. The gardens were installed in the spring of 2015.   For more information about the plant selection see our Beautify Ewing Campaign document.

The spring of 2016 will showcase another combined effort between the Township, the Environmental Commission and the Green Team in the park behind the municipal building.

Garden Tour of Ewing

Following upon the success of a first tour run last year by the Girl Scouts, the Ewing Green Team is partnering with them and the West Trenton Garden Club, to run a garden tour of Ewing in the late spring of 2016.   Such tours, where done successfully, have brought multiple benefits to the cities and towns that hold them.  To name just a few:

  • they are powerful economic engines bringing tourists to spend $$ in their communities,
  • they serve as community builders while also rejuvenating streets, re-energizing neighborhoods, and increasing property values, and
  • they promote community wide beautification efforts through gardening (and possibly interesting more people in gardening ).

It is our hope that an enhanced Garden Tour in town, building on the work that was already put into last year’s tour, would be a great next step and help us identify and engage more people in our beautification campaign.  Go to our Garden Tour page for more information about the tour.

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