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There’s are many ways for you to reduce your carbon footprint through recycling.

Curbside Recycling

The Mercer County Improvement Authority coordinates the curbside collection of recyclable materials in Mercer County.  See their site for a list of acceptable materials and to access answers through their FAQ page.  [See the county pick up Schedule.]


E-CYCLE your TV’s, Computers & Electronics –  – it’s free, it’s easy and it’s the law. Beginning January 1, 2011 (Electronic Waste Management Act) computer, portable computers, monitors, laptops, and televisions cannot be disposed of in the garbage.

E-Cycle NJWho can recycle for FREE

New Jersey consumers and small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees,  can recycle for free at the approved manufacturers collection sites.

What can be recycled for FREE

All computers, monitors, laptops, portable computers and
televisions are accepted for free recycling. Please note that other electronic
devices (keyboards, mice, printers, microwaves, etc.) are not included in this
free program. Please check with your local collection site to determine if they
will accept your other electronic device.


Grasscycling is the natural recycling of grass by leaving clippings on the lawn when mowing. Grass clippings decompose quickly, returning valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Grass clippings are a major part of New Jersey’s municipal solid waste stream. As a Ewing resident, you are already helping to avoid air pollution and wasted resources by recycling. You can do more by reducing waste at the source. Leave the grass clippings on your lawn when you mow, and let nature do the recycling.  For more information see our Grasscycling – Cut It and Leave It page.

Recycling Info For Kids

Don’t forget to get your kids into the act too.  Check out this site from Recommunity with educational materials about how recycling works.

Hazardous Waste

The MCIA also runs Hazardous Waste collection days periodically throughout the year.  Materials are accepted only on these dates and times, rain or shine, at the John T. Dempster fire school,  Bakers Basin, Lawrence Station Rd  Lawrence Twp.  See the Green Team Calendar for upcoming dates

Accepted Materials
Aerosol Cans / Used Motor Oil / Propane Gas Tanks / Pesticides & Herbicides
Car Batteries / Paint Thinner / Oil Based Paint / Stains & Varnishes / Gasoline
Anti-Freeze / Driveway Sealer / Insect Repellents / Mercury / Fluorescent & CFL Bulbs

You can also e-cycle at that time.  Accepted electronics include:

Computers /Printers / Copiers / Fax Machines / Stereos / Televisions / Microwaves

Shredding Events

The MCIA and Ewing Township also hold periodic e-waste and shredding events.  Shredding Events are a great opportunity to properly dispose of unwanted electronics and sensitive personal documents in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Just gather up your old electronics and documents and bring them to the advertised shred event.  See our website calendar for specific dates.

2 thoughts on “Recycling

    • ewinggreenteam

      Plastic bags are not recycled by Mercer County which handles the recycling effort in Ewing. They clog the mechanisms of the trucks and equipment and so must be collected separately – usually in bins at supermarkets, and stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc. However, there are specific businesses that do collect the bags to recycle them and create composite lumber. You might want to check out the Ziploc Bag Recycling page for information on plastic bag recycling. The Ziploc bags can go in the same bins as plastic shopping bags. Here is a website that lists bag drop off locations – In addition, the Shop Rite website states that all of their stores have recycling bins at each store.
      So, while I regret to say that recycling plastic bags is not as easy as it ought to be, there should be a number of places in town to turn in your bags.


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