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Promoting People, the Planet, and Prosperity in Ewing

Community Gardens

Ewing’s community gardeners have reason to be concerned about a number of food production issues, from the costs of the globalization of the food supply, to the issues of food contamination and quality, to the need to support local food production, or to simply enjoy their time in the garden producing their own food.   More and more people are vitally interested in producing their own food.

In response to this increased interest in local food production,  the Green Team’s Community Gardens Committee has been working to organize and promote the current community gardens and local food production and to identify areas in the Township as that would be suitable for additional community gardens as needed.

Community Gardening Organization

The Ewing Community Gardens Organization has been meeting monthly since the inaugural  meeting in October of 2012.  Members meets monthly at the Ewing Senior and Community Center on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

A Garden Council was elected in the Fall of 2013 to represent the gardeners.

Current Projects

We are currently working on improvement of the gardens on Whitehead Road Extension.  Ewing Township officials doubled the amount of garden space at the site in 2013.  The new section of the gardens is organic.  Mayor Bert Steinmann promised and delivered on an additional water source needed by the newly enlarged gardens.  A fence to protect the entire site from deer and other critters was installed in June 2013.

In 2014 compost bins were set up at the site for vegetative debris.  All gardeners should use them as needed. However, they are not appropriate for woody debris.  In addition, regular trash pickup has been initiated and a port-a-john is placed at the site for each gardening season.


Sign ups for plots in 2016 will begin on March 1st for returning gardeners.  New participants wishing to sign up for a plot may begin to register on March 15th.  Contact the Township clerk below for more information.

Township Clerk: Kimberly Macellaro
Phone: 883-2900 x7609

Garden Site Cleanup Dates

We site cleanup days are run regularly throughout the gardening season.  A spring cleanup is run in late March to clean up the site from the last year and to spread wood chips on the paths.  Weeding and additional site maintenance is performed throughout the season culminating in a final cleanup in the fall where gardeners are asked to remove all personal effects and leave their plots in good condition over the winter.

Wood chips are also available for the gardeners use.  All participating gardeners are encouraged to bring cardboard and newspaper to put beneath the tree chips to suppress the weeds and spread the chips on remaining areas as their time at the gardens permits.


Meetings are held monthly.  The location is weather dependent.

Date:  3rd Wednesday of each month
Time: 7 -9 p.m.
Where:  The Ewing Senior and Community Center – Boardroom
999 Lower Ferry Road (across from the DOT) – or –
The Gardens at Whitehead Road Extension

For more information call:

  • Peter J Boughton 313-5021

Or email:

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