Bike Advocacy

A Bike Advocacy Committee has been established as a result of the ongoing 2014 Community Visioning Process.  It was evident that there is a strong contingent within the township’s population that would like to work to promote and improve biking (as well as pedestrian) transit in Ewing.


Bike/Pedestrian Audit of Ewing Township

IMG_4356aThis project aims to build a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly community in Ewing Twp., NJ. It assesses and advocates for walkability and bikability.

A Pilot Walk/Bike Study was conducted on Saturday, September 20th.   It was performed by  the Sustainable Ewing Green Team in collaboration with volunteers from The College of New Jersey Bonner Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (their representatives Joanne Mullowney and Michael Nordquist, respectively). The objective to test and refine an efficient replicable method for walk/bike audits, and to explore a mix of quantitative and qualitative data collection for volunteers of varying skill levels and abilities.


  • The Ewing Green Team through its Bike Advocacy Committee
  • Bonner Scholars at TCNJ
  • Resident volunteers

Additional volunteers are needed to help with the project.


Neighborhood Audited: Braeburn neighborhood, directly south of TCNJ in Ewing Township, NJ; bounded by Pennington Road, Green Lane, Somerset Street, and Hollowbrook Drive.

Northwest: 40.263158, -74.781613           Northeast: 40.265974, -74.772000

Southwest: 40.258114, -74.779306           Southeast: 40.261545, -74.766582

Project Goals

The hope of this project is to develop a system that empowers communities beyond their traditional means of walk/bike auditing by providing a thoroughly tested, customizable, powerful turn-key method of mixed-technological surveying.

Additional updates will be available shortly.



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