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Direct Install Campaign to Local Businesses

DirectInstallLogoDid you know that the State of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program has a program called Direct Install that allows business owners to tap into state funds allocated for improving the environment, while at the same time offering quick investment paybacks?  The program offers grants of up to 70% of the costs for energy saving building upgrades for small and medium size businesses.  The program usually pays for itself and becomes a net revenue generator in 1-3 years, with savings lasting for decades.   Learn how to take advantage of this program and improve your bottom line below.

Letter from Mayor Bert Steinmann about Direct Install program.

Direct Install Will Help You Replace Your Lighting, HVAC, Refrigeration and More…


  • Includes a no cost energy assessment
  • Tenants or landlords may apply
  • Not a Rebate!
  • Licensed contractor handles everything from permits to installation to recycling
  • Fast Turnaround Time – Project installations are typically completed within 90 days from the time of scheduling

How To Participate

Contact Approved Direct Install Participating Contractor

Contact them to  initiate this process beginning with an energy assessment of your building(s).  Once the audit has been completed and you decide to move forward with the work, they will work with you to complete the program application and participation agreement.

If you’re unable to contact the authorized contractor or have questions, you may contact the NJ Clean Energy office at 866-NJSMART or send an e-mail to

Review Audit Results

After your energy audit, the contractor will review the results with you explaining including which measures qualify and what your share of the project will cost.

To Move Forward

You will need to sign a scope of work document to proceed with implementation of those improvements that qualify and arrange for payment of your portion of the project costs with your contractor.  Since they do not receive reimbursement from the Direct Install program until after you have signed the project completion form, the contractor may ask for your 30% up front to pay for materials and subcontractors.  Tri-State  may be able to help you line up low cost financing for your share of the project if needed.

Arrange for Installation

You and the participating contractor will set a convenient start date for the installation.

Confirm Installation

Once the installation has been completed, you accept the work by signing a project completion form.

Complete Transaction

You pay the participating contractor any remaining balance of your share of the project cost and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program pays the rest.  And then let the savings begin!

Ewing Business Sustainability Heroes

Ewing Businesses that have already taken advantage of the Direct Install Program

Company Name Street $ Date
Speedy Mart Food Store Inc. 1097 Parkway Ave. 3465.69 12/8/2011
HK Inc. dba HK Liquors 1790 N. Olden Ave 13,433.19 12/15/2011
Amee & Sweeta Inc. 1676 Pennington Rd. 5669.88 1/3/2012
JBL Futures LLC 1750 N. Olden Ave. 7120.73 3/9/2012
Speedy Mart Food Store Inc. 197 Scotch Rd. 4901.57 3/9/2012
West Trenton Fine Wine & Liquors Inc. 1511 Parkway Ave 14693.87 6/27/2012
Dawn Bottle & Spirits Inc. 1020 Pennington Rd. 3563.64 6/27/2012
Liberty Wine & Liquors Inc. 966 Parkway Ave. 5047.16 1/25/2013
The Arc Mercer Inc 180 Ewingville Rd. 98233.04 10/31/2013
The Robbins Pharmacy 2018 Pennington Rd. 48813.72 12/6/2013
Trenton Aviation, LLC Scotch Road 44635.51 2/25/2014
Heath Lumber Co. 1580 N. Olden Ave. 49621.33 6/5/2014
Omahi Inc. 2325 Spruce St. 5617.52 12/16/2014
County of Mercer Bear Tavern Rd. 15553.32 12/29/2014
Mama Flores Inc. 1194 Parkway Ave. 25445.03 3/16/2015
Money Management Associates 1750 N. Olden Ave. 7,000 6/2016 – 8/2016

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