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Spring 2018 Update

The Neighborhood Committee continues to work towards completing its primary mission of updating our information about neighborhoods and neighborhood associations in Ewing Township.  An associated project that the Committee has recently undertaken is that of a Township-wide Welcome Booklet.  This would serve as a resource to both current and new residents of Ewing.  Our town has so much offer its residents  and  to  help build a better, stronger and more connected community, we felt that proving that information in one convenient location, in the form of a Welcome Booklet, both in print and in web format, would aid in reaching that goal.  The Committee is meeting to work on that task, compiling the data and contacts  about:

  • Government Services –  Township, Mercer County, NJ..
  • Community Activities – arts, recreation, community organizations, events
  • Community Services
  • Ewing Schools – public private, nursery, day care…
  • Historical information
  • Businesses – restaurants, banks,
  • Churches
  • Transportation
  • Maps
  • How to get involved and much more.

For additional information about this task see our project guide.Ewing Township Welcome Booklet

Well-organized neighborhood associations can have a significant impact on the quality of life in any community. They are made up of residents committed to making a difference and play a vital role in representing the interests of residents and their actions enhance the local community.  Ewing would benefit from growing, maintaining, and creating neighborhood organizations. Recognizing that increased community engagement would impact sustainability, the Green Team set a goal to foster activities aimed at the development and growth of neighborhood associations.

Limited information existed on current neighborhood associations within the township. Initial work focused on identifying neighborhoods and obtaining contact information from citizens interested in helping to move the project forward. Much of this information was later incorporated into the Asset Mapping project.  The map you see above is from data that we have collected to date and is a work in progress.  If your neighborhood is not listed on this map please let us know and we will attempt to determine its boundaries and include it.

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