2022 Scarecrow Ballot

Complete Your Scavenger Hunt Entry and Vote for Your Favorite Scarecrow!

Please complete the fields in our online ballot to complete your Scavenger Hunt entry and to vote for your favorite scarecrow.  You may compete as an individual, family, group (such as Girl Scout Troop or group of co-workers), however, only one entry per Ewing individual, family, worker or group is allowed. (Please see our contest rules for complete details.)  By submitting your ballot you are agreeing to the rules as listed on our rules page.    

Ewing’s 2022 Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt consists of 36 scarecrows displayed at homes, businesses, organizations, and public locations around Ewing Township.  Each scarecrow has a name associated with it.   Some of the scarecrows are hidden (businesses / organizations) and some are more out in the open.   This year we are supplying pictorial clues to help you hunt for each scarecrow. Use them to track down each scarecrow and fill in the name to complete your entry.   Clues may refer to the street name, the business name, or, in some cases, we may possibly supply a clue to the house number.  Resident scarecrows will mostly be in a front yard readily accessible for hunters.

People’s Choice Awards – There are two People’s choice awards: (1) Business | Organization | School and (2) Residential.  Please vote for your favorite scarecrow(s) after you have completed the hunt.  Look for the R (resident) next to a scarecrow’s number to help you determine in which category a scarecrow belongs in order to help you vote.

Grand Prize Drawing – To be entered into the drawing for the prizes, you must find and supply the scarecrow name as follows:  All participants who find 32 or more scarecrows will earn three entries into our drawing.  Participants who find between 27 and 31 scarecrows will earn two entries into the drawing. Participants who find between 20 and 26 scarecrows will earn one entry in our drawing.  Anyone finding ALL 36 of the Scarecrows will receive an additional bonus of 2 entries into the drawing.

By submitting your ballot, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed in our rules.  You must supply your phone number so we can contact you should you be a prize winner.

Enter the name of your favorite scarecrow for their chance to become the 2022 People’s Choice Scarecrow.  (Scarecrow Name can be found attached to each scarecrow.)  Click here for a printable paper ballot.  Paper ballots will be available at the Ewing Senior and Community Center (ESCC) and the Hollowbrook Community Center (HCC).  For now, ballots will only be available at the Hollowbrook Community Center while we wait for the repercussions from the fire at the ESCC to play out.  Paper ballots may be turned in to the ballot boxes of the ESCC and HCC.  All submissions must be received by 4:30 pm, Thursday, October 27th.  You must supply your phone number so that we can contact you.  

Printable Paper Ballot (three double sided LEGAL pages)

2022 Scarecrow Online Ballot