Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt Rules

All-Around Town Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt Rules

Ewing’s 2022 Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt consists of 36 scarecrows  displayed at homes, businesses, organizations and public locations around Ewing Township.  Each scarecrow has a name associated with it.   Some of the scarecrows are hidden and some are more out in the open.   Fun and challenging clues will be available to help you in the hunt for each scarecrow.

  1. The Scavenger Hunt will take place from Saturday, October 1st to 4:30 pm, Thursday, October 27th.
  2. To be eligible to be included in the drawings for the grand prize, you must find the scarecrows and their names and submit your ballot by 4:30 p.m., Thursday, October 27th. You may submit your ballot online on our ballot page or drop off your paper ballot at the offices of our community centers.  No entries received after 4:30 pm Oct 27 will be accepted.  Be sure to copy the name of each scarecrow EXACTLY as written on the sign, including case, any punctuation and spacing as entries may be evaluated electronically. 
  3. All participants who find 32 or more scarecrows will earn three entries into our drawing. Participants who find between 27 – 31 scarecrows will earn two entries into the drawing. Participants who find between 20 – 26 scarecrows will earn one entry in our drawing.  Anyone finding ALL of the Scarecrows will receive an additional bonus of 2 entries into the drawing.
  4. Please vote for your favorite scarecrow when you fill out your ballot. A People’s Choice award will be given to the favorite RESIDENT scarecrow and the favorite BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION/SCHOOL scarecrow.
  5. Participation is open to Ewing individuals, families, groups and workers only.  Members of the planning committee, the Green Team, and their immediate households are ineligible.
  6. Only one entry per Ewing address is allowed. If you are entering as a group, only one entry per Ewing group is allowed.  Only one winner per household is allowed in the Grand Prize Drawings.
  7. If there are two forms with the same name and same address, both will be removed. The ballot must be completed in its entirety, including the full first name and last name along with a valid address and phone number.  Please be sure to fill out legibly so we can contact you should you be one of our winners.
  8. There are no age limits or age restrictions – all ages are welcome.
  9. Play Fair – Have fun and try to win. But don’t let your competitive instincts drive you to ruin other peoples’ chances to win. If you do, your team will be disqualified. That means no sabotaging, lying, cheating, stealing, or copying other people’s work. Cards containing the scarecrow name are not to be taken from their locations! Please be mindful that you may be on private property and be respectful.
  10. Any Interference, touching or removal of any part of the displayed Scarecrows are not only unethical and poor sportsmanship but we see as illegal and may be punished by law.
  11. Social Media Posting We know that you may be excited about participating in our Hunt but ask that you do not give away locations by posting pictures of any of the Scarecrows to social media until after Oct 27th.
  12. Appeals – There is no appeals process in this scavenger hunt.  Please be sure to fill out legibly so we can contact you should be one of our winners.
  13. Scavenger Hunt Photo– We are asking for an “on the hunt” photo for each individual or team submission which should include all team members emailed to Any photos taken during the Hunt may be used for promotional materials in the future.
  14. Winners – The announcement of the winners and the drawing for the grand prizes will be on Saturday, Oct 29 at the Township’s Trunk or Treat event.  The results will be posted online. A valid phone number is required for us to contact the winners.
  15. By entering your ballot, you are agreeing to the above rules.

Best of luck and have fun!

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