Our Campaigns

The Green Team is currently working on the following action items:

  • Community Visioning – This is a year long process of creating a comprehensive community sustainability plan, created in partnership with the Ewing Township Municipality, the Environmental Commission, the Township Planner, TCNJ representatives and other community stakeholders.
  • Energy Efficiency – Mark Wetherbee and John Hoegl (chairpersons)
    The Energy Efficiency Committee is working on auditing township owned buildings for energy efficiency and safety.
  • Waste Management/Recycling – Lisa Feldman and Tom Elder (chairpersons)
    • Shred Days
    • Grasscycling
    • Scarecrow contest
  • Bike Advocacy – Pete Boughton. (chairperson)
    The Bike Advocacy Committee is working on promoting and improving biking (as well as pedestrian) transit in Ewing.  They are in the early stages of trying to mobilize citizen participation and have also run a pilot bike/ped audit to define the current bikeability and pedestrian friendliness of our streets.  A bike tour of Ewing is in the works to promote healthy lifestyles, raise awareness of bicycle safety and promote a more bikeable Ewing.
  • Community Gardens and local Food – Pete Boughton (chairperson)
    The Community Garden and Local Food Committee is working on reorganizing the existing community garden at Whitehead Road.  They are looking to organize all community gardens endeavors in the township under one umbrella.
  • Community Outreach and Education – Joanne Mullowney (chairperson)
    This endeavor includes the Green Team website and Facebook pages, the quarterly electronic newsletter, our Environmental Insights series and additional publicity.
  • Community Mapping – Joanne Mullowney, Michael Nordquist. (chairpersons)
    This committee is working on creating one master online map of unique Ewing assets .

Of course, there is much more that can be done.  Do you have a specific interest?  Join us to help make a better Ewing!

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