Energy Saving Incentive Programs for the Public

There are many actions that residents and businesses in Ewing can take to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which will improve bottom lines as well. New Jersey’s Clean Energy Programs provide financial incentives and rebates to help make your home, business or municipality become more energy efficient.

These programs are designed to reduce community energy usage, energy bills, and the local carbon footprint.  Each of the State Clean Energy programs provides specific benefits.   We encourage you to stay updated on the state programs offering rebates and incentives by signing up for NJCEP Newsletter.

The Ewing Green Team’s Role
If you ask us, Ewing Green Team will conduct a Community Energy Outreach Program event for your organization or group that includes the participation of the Green New Jersey Resource Team, a group of nonprofits that support local energy outreach events and distribute ENERGY STAR qualified lighting.

All NJ Clean Energy Rebate Programs
For an overview of all rebate programs, both residential and commercial follow this Quick Link.

energyefficienthouseHomeowner Resources

Warm & Cool Advantage Programs
The efficient home heating and cooling rebates offered by these programs help to offset up-front installation costs of high efficiency heating and cooling systems. Heating and cooling systems account for more than half of energy use in a typical US home. Upgrading to more energy efficient systems reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers residential energy bills.

Rebates are offered to homeowners for the installation of efficient central air conditioners, heat pumps, natural gas home heating systems, and/or water heaters. The program also offers a trade ally database to search for certifiedcontractors for system installation.  Visit for more information.

Energy Efficient Products
The Energy Efficient Products program promotes the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and household products. The program also sells discounted energy efficient lighting products through participating retailers throughout the state or the New Jersey Clean Energy Outreach Team.  The  program reduces the up-front costs of efficient household appliances by offering rebates on ENERGY STAR certified products meeting efficiency criteria outlined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. These products typically use less energy and water than standard models.  Learn more…

Federal Tax credits may be available with the purchase of energy efficient products.  Learn more…

Home Performance with Energy Star
The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a comprehensive programs that provides energy savings, comfort, health and safety solutions.  For example, one particular health benefit may be aiding customers who suffer from asthma-related conditions, by improving indoor air quality.   A specially trained and certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) GoldStar contractor will conduct a home energy assessment testing carbon monoxide levels, moisture, indoor air quality, cold/hot spots, and stuffiness/stale odors.  After the assessment, the contractor will provide the customer with recommended solutions to any apparent problems or areas of concern, along with an estimated project cost for the upgrades.  Currently, the program offers a rebate up to $4,000 and a 0% interest loan up to $10,000 for 7 years, or a 4.99% interest loand up to $15,000 for 10 years.  By utilizing this program, homeowners can save up to 30% on energy costs.  A list of at least 100 participating BPI GoldStar contractors is available at more…

New Jersey Comfort Partners
The New Jersey Comfort Partners Program is a free energy saving and energy education program for qualified low-income customers that works with low-income households to help them save energy and money and make their homes more energy efficient. Certified Building Performance Institute contractors will install energy saving measures in their homes to help lower their energy bills. Residents will also be taught new ways to conserve energy and how to create an Action Plan to support their efforts.  Learn more…

Residential New Construction
This program provides rebates to builders for energy efficient new home construction. New Jersey ENERGY STAR homes are at least 15%-35% more energy efficient than standard built homes.  Learn more…

Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Program
The refrigerator/freezer recycling program facilitates the proper disposal of spare appliances and encourages homeowners to replace older appliances. Replacing outdated refrigerators and freezers with newer, more energy-efficient models can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and household energy costs. Refrigerators and freezers consume the most energy of all household appliances and outdated models can consume three to four times more energy than newer models.

Refrigerators and freezers include toxic components that are not appropriate for landfill disposal. However, pickup and service fees charged by recycling companies can discourage individuals from discarding their outdated and spare appliances. Homeowners can avoid these costs through the BPU Large Appliance Early Retirement program and receive a $50 cash incentive for each recycled appliance.  Learn more…

CleanPower Choice
This program allows New Jersey consumers to purchase renewable energy up to 100% of usage.  It aims to decrease dependency on fossil-fuels.  As more residents and businesses enroll, more clean and green energy will be added to the resource mix.  Learn more.. 

Commercial Resources smallbusiness

Direct Install
Small to mid-sized commercial and industrial facilities in NJ with a peak electric demand not exceeding 200 kW in any of the preceding 12 months are eligible to participate in the Direct Install program. Created specifically for existing small to medium-sized facilities, Direct Install is a turnkey solution that makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to high efficiency equipment. Direct Install is designed to cut your facility’s energy costs by replacing lighting, HVAC and other outdated operational equipment with energy efficiency alternatives. The program pays up to 70% of retrofit costs. There is a $125,000 incentive cap on each project, and all of the following systems are eligible for participation in this program: Lighting Heating, Cooling & Ventilation; (HVAC); Refrigeration; Motors; Natural Gas; and Variable Frequency Drives.  See our Direct Install page for additional information.

New Jersey SmartStart Buildings
The SmartStart Buildings program provides financial incentives for energy efficient measures including high-efficiency lighting and lighting controls, heating and cooling equipment, water heating, motors, and variable frequency drives. The program is available to address the new construction and renovation needs of businesses, schools, municipalities, and other commercial and industrial facilities.  Learn more…

Pay For Performance
Large  commercial, industrial and institutional buildings with a peak demand over 200 kW for any of the preceding twelve months or 50,000 square feet or more of planned conditioned space are eligible to participate in the Pay for Performance program, including hotels, large office buildings, multi-family buildings, supermarkets, manufacturing facilities, schools, shopping malls and restaurants.

Select multifamily buildings that may not be required to meet the 200 kW demand threshold.  Exceptions to the 15% requirement may be made for buildings whose annual energy consumption is heavily weighted on process loads.  Learn more…

Note to Ewing Businesses

If your business has implemented changes that embrace greener, more sustainable policies and practices read on.  The Ewing Green Team encourages you to get the recognition you deserve for your sustainable business practices and encourage others to do so also with our Green Business Recognition program.    Learn more…

Local Government Resources

Local Government Energy Audit
The Local Government Energy Audit Program targets buildings owned by local governments, New Jersey State Colleges and Universities, and 501 (c)(3) non-profit agencies. Such facilities may include, but are not limited to: offices, courtrooms, town halls, police and fire stations, sanitation buildings, transportation structures, schools and community centers. All local governments, New Jersey State Colleges or Universities, and non-profit agencies exempt from federal tax under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that are located within the service territory of at least one of the state’s regulated utilities are eligible. The program provides 100% reimbursement for investment grade energy audits by a prequalified network of energy auditing firms.  Learn more…