Trails &Transportation

The Trails and Transportation Committee works to develop Ewing’s trails and open spaces by ongoing volunteer support and special events, and to educate Ewing residents about the importance of trails and open spaces.

Notices of cleanups will be posted here and on our calendar.

Volunteer Information

All volunteers will meet the assigned location.  The Township usually provides bags & gloves. Dress for the weather in comfortable grubbies! Please join us in helping to keep our Ewing trails beautiful.

For more information call Peter Boughton at (609) 313-5021.

Making Tracks at the Johnson Trolley Trail

The Johnson Trolley Trail is the bed of an old trolley, known as the “Fast Line,” run by the Trenton-Princeton Traction Company from appr. 1901/1940.  Fares were only 10¢. Today, you can walk or bike the right-of-way abandoned by the former trolley company for free on a restored trail.  The trail is split up into two sections, north and south, which are split by Interstate 95.  The Ewing section is the terminus of the southern section.  Restoration of this final piece under Ewing control has been completed and we celebrated this historic addition to Ewing trails on National Trails Day, June 4, 2016.

About the Restoration

jttfall2014In late 2010, Pete Boughton was still on the Environmental Commission when he coordinated a DEP grant to improve part of the Johnson Trolley Trail (see photo right). We wanted to redo the JTT from where it crosses Shabakunk Creek into Lawrence Township, south to the Whitehead Road extension, about .5 of a mile.

The Grant for $24,700 was approved in late 2011 to cover construction and finishing of the trail itself, signage, fencing, plantings and painting of the bridge. Lawrence Township kindly gave us their existing trail plans for continuity.  Tree and shrub plantings, signage and some bridge painting were completed in 2016.

We recommend that you go out and enjoy.

by Lee Farnham, Ewing Environmental Commission

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