The Ewing Township Sustainable Green Team is composed of a group of concerned Ewing residents dedicated to building a sustainable community in Ewing Township. Current Board

The Team was established in 2009 by Ewing Township’s Sustainable Ewing Resolution [Resolution Authorizing the Participation and Registration in the Sustainable Jersey Municipal Certification Program – April 14, 2009] under the auspices of the Ewing Environmental Commission and was co-chaired by John Hoegl and Peter Boughton.  See our Timeline page for a brief historical overview.    We are extremely excited to be celebrating our 10th birthday in conjunction with our most recent submission for Sustainable Jersey certification.



  • “I was introduced to the Sustainable Ewing Green Team through their annual Ewing Fall Spin bike tour, a fun and informative community event that raises money for local charities. I’ve since discovered that the Ewing Green Team is involved in many aspects of Ewing life and works hard to build and maintain a community that is sustainable and welcoming to all. “

    Donna Morgan

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