raking autumn leaves

Some Timely Tips for Fall Leaf Removal

Composting is a good example of how a homeowner’s actions can have a positive impact on municipal costs:  composting kitchen waste, leaves and grass clippings rather than putting them in the landfill could save our Township money in county tipping fees and labor. Homeowners would also see a direct additional benefit – the improvement of the soil health of their yards.  Yards where the homeowners have trashed their grass (clippings) and leaves are starved for nutrients by the removal of these natural materials that would break down naturally and rebuild the soil.

Composting your leaves is not all that hard.  Simply start up your trusty mulching mower (or buy a mulching blade and install it if you don’t have one) and mow away.  You can leave the leaves on the grass to enrich the lawn or collect in the bag or dishcharge to the side and keep making passes until the shredded leaves reach the garden bed of your choice.  It’s that simple.  Check out this video to see how easy it is to enrich your soil, benefit the environment and save the Township $ on garbage costs.  Who knows?   It may even have the additional benefit of depressing your next tax hike!

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