Ewing’s Sustainable Future – Dot Poll Results

National Night Out – Tuesday, August 6th at the Ewing Senior and Community Center

surveyportraitThe skies threatened, but fortunately held off, allowing Ewing residents to enjoy an evening of community food and fun at the National Night Out event on Tuesday, August 6th.  And once again, the Ewing Green Team was on site promoting actions for a more sustainable community including two of their current campaigns – grass-cycling and anti-idling.   Residents were invited to pledge their support for these worthwhile initiatives.

A highlight of the Green Team presence was the Dot Survey which invited the public to weigh in with their top priorities for a sustainable future in Ewing.  The board was a hit as attendees gathered round to vote for their top choices for sustainable actions.

About the Poll

Priority Choices

  • ENERGY ALTERNATIVES –  energy efficiency, renewable energy
  • FOOD AND GARDENING- community gardens, local food markets
  • HEALTHY COMMUNITIES – lead and anti-idling education, obesity reduction initiatives
  • LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT- buy local campaigns, green businesses
  • OPEN SPACE – preserve land for natural areas and parks
  • RECYCLING – reduce  waste, reuse and recycling programs
  • WALKING & BIKING- sidewalks, bike lanes and trails, transportation alternatives
  • WILDLIE & NATURAL RESOURCES – healthy habitats, trees, clean air and water

Each participant received 3 “dot stickers” and put them in the blank space next to their top three (3) priorities for sustainability actions.   Green was for 1st choice, blue for 2nd and yellow for 3rd.

The voting was not easy as participants tried to determine their top three choices of all of the all worthwhile actions.  Some remarked that they needed all three of their dots to be green.  Others made the choices with rapid assurance.

Overview of Results

toppriorityresultsThirty-three per cent (33%) of the voting Ewing residents selected Energy Alternatives as their first priority action. And it was in first place by a sizeable margin as the chart on the left indicates.

However, if you add the tallies together for each voter, the scores became much closer.  Energy Alternatives was still the residents’ top vote getter, but the 2nd and 3rd choices, Wildlife and Natural Resources and Recycling narrowed the gap.  Of the total 402 votes cast, green, blue and yellow, Energy Alternatives was the top with 71 total votes, followed by 67 and 58 for the 2nd and third choices respectively.

all votes cast survey

Do the sustainable priorities selected by Ewing Residents match yours? Tell us what you think with the poll below.  You may choose 3, and only 3, choices.  If you would like more information about the results of this poll please contact us at Ewinggreenteam@gmail.com.

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