Preserving Our Community and Transforming Our Future

The Ewing Green Team is delighted to announce that the planning for a Ewing Conversation on Preserving Our Community and Transforming Our Future is now underway.  The year long visioning process is being funded by a $10,000 PSE&G grant from Sustainable Jersey through their small grants program.   A professional strategic planning team from Cherry Hill has been chosen to facilitate the group and citizens of Ewing to create a multi-year vision and action plan for sustainability.  Lori Braunstein and Natalie Barney have helped to organize several New Jersey municipalities and were instrumental to Cherry Hill’s success in implementing an extensive sustainability plan.

The process has already begun and will continue throughout 2014.   There will be two visioning sessions, for which a broad range of invited participants will lend their time and talent to create a vision and plan.  This strategic planning is the next step in growing the organization and coordinating with the community’s interests to make a strategic, positive impact for the future.  “We want to engage the citizens of Ewing in creating a vision for a very livable, prosperous Ewing that sustains itself for future generations” said Joanne Mullowney, communications officer for the Green Team.

While the vision for Ewing will be unique, actions will likely include aspects of the Sustainable Jersey framework.  The coming months will focus on the planning process, and will include a handful of Saturday and/or evening visioning meetings that are being scheduled.  The first community visioning meeting.  Check back here in the coming weeks to note our progress and see how you can get involved.

Mary Jane Leach, Vice Chair

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