Community Conversation Less than One Week Away

The countdown to the Ewing Green Team’s Community Conversation is in full swing.  On Saturday, June 7th, only 6 days from today, the Ewing Green Team will gather along with  other citizen activists for a morning of planning to begin a process of creating a comprehensive community sustainability plan.  Led by a team of facilitators from Maga Sustainability, Lori Braunstein and Natalie Barney, sustainability champions from Cherry Hill, we will endeavor to Preserve Our Past, recognizing where we have come from, evaluate our township as it currently exits and  identify what is it about our community that we most value.  With our strengths identified, we will then endeavor to discern how to Transform Our Future, imagining where we would like our community to be in ten or twenty years and to create a shared vision that will form the basis for developing goals and completing actions that move the community toward a more ideal, sustainable community

We are extremely excited to have this unique opportunity to formulate a sustainable future for our town in a more planned way based on the input of concerned citizens.  It will be the first time a global community focus on sustainability will have been addressed in an in-depth way in Ewing.  The process is being funded by a PSE&G grant through Sustainable Jersey.

Regarding the process, all ideas will be welcome.  Can you imagine a Ewing that will make it into NJ Monthly Magazine’s bi-annual Best Places to Live article?   One vision for a perfect future might also include more of a front porch community where people no longer retreat to their backyards but commune more with their neighbors. Where block parties for neighborhoods to come together are common.  One that is more walkable and bikable.  One that is prettier, with more  community plantings and more community gardens.  What would you like to see in our town?   We look forward to joining with other participants to each bring our unique visions for Ewing’s future.

Date: Saturday, June 7th
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Location: TCNJ, Education Building, Room 212

For more information email

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