Community Visioning Summary

This past June 7th a group of Ewing residents and neighbors met to have a conversation about a sustainable future for Ewing Township.   A number of key performance areas were identified by participants as being of primary interest during this first Community Conversation.  These areas included Community Engagement, Waste and Recycling, Conservation and Preservation, Development, Economy, and Community Branding.   Numerous great ideas emerged for each topic that merit refinement and development.

The Ewing Green Team plans to continue these conversations at our next three meetings.  We hope to build on the ideas generated to formulate practical actions that will advance the goals that attendees helped articulate.   All Ewing residents are welcome to join us in continuing the conversation at the coming Green Team monthly meetings at the Ewing Senior and Community Center:

  • On July 30th beginning at 6:30pm we will focus on building Community as well as Waste and Recycling issues in our town.
  • At our August 27th meeting at 7pm we will focus on Development, and on Conservation and Preservation
  • On September 24th  at 7pm we will focus on Community Branding and on Local Economy

Click on the image above for more details on the results of the day.  The initial report has been attached.

Our Conversation facilitators, Lori and Natalie will run the meeting on July 30th and return in October to help us develop a feasible set of action plans based on what is generated during these meetings.  Public participation in this process is key if we want to develop a broad, representative approach to shaping and preserving Ewing’s future.  We hope that you will be able to attend our meetings for any and all of the topics.  Please consider these meetings as opportunities to learn about and become involved in the wide range of issues the Green Team and Ewing residents are working on.  The Green Team also has additional actions underway or under study that were not discussed in June.

July Meeting Information

Date: June 30th
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Ewing Senior and Community Center, 999 Upper Ferry Road, Ewing
Topics: Community Engagement and Waste/Recycling

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