EGT Produces New Ewing Recycling Map

Want to do your bit to help out the environment?  Recycling is something that everyone can do.  However, sometimes you just don’t know what can be recycled and where.  The EGT has tried to answer those questions with a new recycling map that focuses on Ewing Township.   Find out where the all the clothing donation bins are in town, where you can recycle plastic bags, drop off wire hangers and much more.  The Ewing Public Works Department is also a great resource for recycling and the map also highlights items that are accepted there.  Check out it out!

More detailed information in support of the map can be found at, a new Ewing-centric website filled with detailed information about what you can recycle in Ewing and where.  Ewing Recycles also focuses on the REUSE aspect of the 3Rs, highlighting in particular the many donation options that are available instead of throwing items in the trash.  If there is something that you are looking for that is not in our list of recyclables, please email us at and we will research it and post to the website.


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