Save Water and Money at the EGT’s Build Your Own Rain Barrel Workshop

Learn more about water conservation and how to harvest rainwater from your roof and divert it for on-site usage in the landscape.  The Ewing Green Team, in partnership with the AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassador program, will teach area residents how to build a rain barrel at a workshop this spring.  The fee for the program is $10.  We have obtained 30 free food grade barrels and have costed out the hardware for each barrel at $10.  Registration is limited so be sure to register early.    Each workshop will run approximately 2 hours.  Sign up today.

Event: Rain Barrel Workshop
Dates:  Saturday, June 3rd
Time: 9 a.m. – Noon
Location: Ewing Senior and Community Center, Community Room
Cost: $10 per rain barrel

Installation of rain barrels in your yard will enable you to take an active role in reducing flooding and pollution in local waterways.  Install rain barrels under your gutter’s downspout to harvest rain water from your roof. Each rain barrel holds approximately 50 gallons. You can install them singly on hook them up in tandem to reserve even more water. Use the water to save money and save water when you irrigate your gardens with it during times of low rain.  In case you miss the workshop or are unable to attend, rain barrels are also for sale at local garden centers for approximately $100 give or take.

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