Ewing Green Team Publishes New Ewing Township Welcome Booklet

Discover more about what Ewing has to offer.  A Ewing Township Welcome Guide was published by the Neighborhood Committee of the Sustainable Ewing Green Team in August 2018.


by Caroline Ayres Steward

When my parents moved into Ferry Road Manor in the fall of 1952 they received a “Know Your Township Booklet” that had been prepared by the League of Women Voters in 1951. This booklet was developed to inform the new residents of services and opportunities their new community had to offer. Ewing was in a state of growth. In that year a $1,000.000 High School was being built, the Ewing Lawrence Sewage Authority (ELSA) was being created, the General Motors plant was in operation and the Navy Department was spending $22,000,000 on building a jet engine testing laboratory on Parkway Ave.  The booklet proudly displays the population change from 1910 (3,475) to 1950 census of 16,840, and describes a total township budget of $1,052,397 (which included the schools). Churches, civic associations, local businesses, as well as police and fire services are all listed. Russell P. Dey, (described as a long term resident of Ewing) wrote the section on the Early History of Ewing in this booklet. He completes his section with “Always known for their pride and zeal for “EWING,” its residents believe in their future and are willing to work and plan that their dreams may come true. Ewing starts the last half of its third century with high hope for the future.”

It is now 2018 and I think Russell P. Dey would be very proud to see how far Ewing has come.  Many of the dreams and plans he might have imagined have been realized. Ewing remains a community made up of neighborhoods working together for a common good. The people of Ewing still dream about a better life and continue to plan and work towards the future. This Welcome Booklet only begins to describe the progress made. As you look through this booklet you will be amazed at how successful we as a community have been. Who knows what another 67 years will bring?

It has been my pleasure to help create this new edition of Welcome to Ewing Booklet.  It is available in a downloadable format found on both the Ewing Township (CLICK HERE) website and our own Green Team website (CLICK HERE).

As you look thru the information I am sure you will be reminded of what they said in 1951- Ewing is a great place to live.


About this project

In 2015 the Ewing Green Team conducted a Community Visioning and finalized a Strategic Plan, laying out a clear vision and mission for the coming years. As a result of the participation of engaged and interested Ewing residents, the Green Team’s plan reflects the concerns of a broad swath of Ewing and was tailored to address the priorities of all of Ewing.

Welcoming new residents and helping current residents realize the richness of resources available in our community was identified as a way to build community engagement among all residents and the Team was charged by participants with helping to build those community connections.  The Ewing Township Welcome Booklet is the product of that charge and we are delighted to offer this guide that highlights the reasons why we all choose to live in Ewing. 

Thanks to Neighborhood Committee Chair Caroline Steward and all of the members of her team and the community who worked with her on this substantial project.

Project team members include:
  • Kevin Baxter
  • Lisa Feldman
  • Heidi Furman
  • Don Garay
  • Theresa Hullings
  • Kathleen Jordan
  • Chuck Latini
  • Joanne Mullowney
  • Jeff Prieschel
  • Caroline Steward
  • Sarah Steward
  • Photographs were donated by various organizations, Mark Wetherbee and other Green Team members.

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