Ewing Township and the Ewing Green Team Want Your Business to Get Funding!

Come to the Ewing Green Team’s October 23rd Seminar and learn how to save up to 70% using the BPU’s Direct Install Program for selected energy efficiency upgrades.

Replace your old furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and lighting systems with energy-efficient technology and the NJ Direct Install program will pay up to 70% up front of the total cost.

Direct Install is an offering of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and the Clean Energy Program designed for small commercial, institutional and municipal buildings. It identifies proven measures for reducing utility costs and replaces inefficient equipment with energy efficient alternatives. Direct Install will cover up to 70% of project costs when installed by the exclusive participating contractor for your county.

The program provides a free energy audit detailing annual energy savings and return on investment.  It pays for up to 70% of total cost to replace lighting and HVAC Units; LEDs, including exterior and pole lighting (HVAC units are High-Efficiency).  The exclusive participating contractor, Tri-State Light and Energy, takes care of everything from permits and installation to cleanup.  Minimal paperwork is involved.

Ewing Township and its Green Team support this program and will present a Direct Install workshop at the Ewing Senior and Community Center 999 Lower Ferry Road on October 23 at 7pm. You will hear from members of the Ewing Green Team, a representative of the Direct Install contractor, as well as some Ewing business owners who have already completed the program.

To Learn more

Contact Tri-State Light and Energy today to Schedule Your FREE Energy Audit – 610.789.1900 or contact Sandra Torres directly at 609.306.4980/sandra@TSLE.com.

Some Ewing businesses that have received funding:

  • The Robbins Pharmacy – $49k
  • Heath Lumber Company – $50k
  • Mama Flores, Inc. – $25k
  • Mon Cheri, Inc. – $104k
  • Money Management Associates – $7k



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