All-Around Town Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt 2020

Scarecrows are coming… so be on the lookout!

Test your hometown knowledge, get creative chance to win cash prizes and bragging rights!

The Ewing Green Team, Ewing Arts Commission and Art Has No Boundaries are pleased to announce that our 2nd All Around Town Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt is now is the planning stages. Following last year’s very successful debut which featured 34 scarecrows and almost 80 individuals and groups on the hunt, we are expanding options for participation this year, as well as cash prizes to sweeten the fun!

And even though we are dealing with the very serious Covid-19 pandemic and the important need for masks and social distancing; we welcome an opportunity for Ewing residents to experience some much needed fun while staying safe and healthy with an activity that lends itself to those requirements.

We once again invite Ewing local businesses, civic groups, organizations, and schools to create and display their very own Scarecrows. And, this year, since large gatherings look to be unworkable, we also invite Ewing residents to add their own scarecrows to the Hunt.  Place it in your front yard or ask us for help in siting it to participate in the fun.  Creativity and imaginations are welcome; there are no limits on how crazy you can be. We do not have any restrictions on design (they do need to be family-friendly) though as the Green Team, we are hoping for lots of recycling and ‘upcycling’ to be incorporated in these creations. In fact, one of the cash prizes will be based on the inspired use of recycled materials.

Last year local residents enjoyed figuring out our ‘Ewing-centric’ clues in order to locate or ‘hunt’ these ‘scary invaders’ down.  This year we are adding some new challenges!  Yes, you all get to vote for your favorite (both categories) – a favorite residential and favorite business/organization will each get $ cash prizes. Different this year, in addition to asking Ewing residents to participate as hosts; the Green Team members are going to vote for the Scarecrow with the most creative use of recycled materials.

So, join us in celebrating the Halloween season.  You may participate in either or both activities, building/hunting scarecows.   Register by September 10th to build your own scarecrow to display from Thursday, Oct 1st to Thursday, October 29th.  Hunt ballots will be available by Oct 1st and must be submitted by the end of the day on the 29th.   The drawing will take place and winners will be announced on Saturday, Oct 31st via Zoom.  This event is open to Ewing residents and workers only.  To get further details on how you can create your very own Scarecrow, join the ‘Hunt’, and have a safe and great time in your own neighborhood; see the Scarecrow page on our website.

For a frolicing fun time during these tough times – get creative, join the fun, and maybe even win ca$h

2 thoughts on “All-Around Town Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt 2020

    • ewinggreenteam

      Once everyone who wants to has registered a scarecrow to be found in the hunt (deadline Sept 10th), we will begin completing the clues to find them. The ballot will be finalized before Oct 1st. It will be available in print format for you to print out from our website. We don’t know which, if any, public buildings will be open to offer ballot handouts, but are hopeful there will be some. Follow the clues to find all of the scarecrows and once you have completed the hunt, decide which is your favorite. Fill out your ballot and there will be a place on it to vote for your favorite. You will be able to submit your ballot electronically or in paper format at the drop box behind the municipal building (deadline Oct 29th). People’s Choice winners will be announced and the drawing will take place on Oct 31st.


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