Kick the Habit: A Dirty Dozen of Common Gardening Bad Habits You Need to Kick

Bad Habit #2

Not Leaving Your Leaves

Leaves are a valuable resource that are let go to waste every fall.  When blown into piles on the street they create a safety hazard for drivers, and wash into storm drains and clog storm sewers. They also release nutrients that eventually wash into and pollute our rivers. Ewing is taking a leadership role in ensuring that we are compliant with NJ State storm water rules. As per Ewing Ordinance 21-08, leaves and other yard debris must be either bagged in biodegradable paper bags or containered for pickup by the Township.

KICK THE HABIT Leave the leaves. Blow them to the back of your beds to decompose or leave them alone in the wooded areas of your proper¬ ty. Compost them in a pile or container for use as mulch next year. Option 2 Shred your leaves with a mulching mower and leave them in place on your lawn or use as mulch in your borders and flowerbeds.

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