Scarecrow Host Registration

Create a Scarecrow

Display dates:  Thursday, October 1st  through Thursday, October 28th.
Register by: September 11th
Open to:
Local businesses, organizations, schools, and residents 

Participation in the Scavenger Hunt is free and open to all – residents, businesses, organizations, schools, and civic groups.  Just create your own Scarecrow and display it in your front yard, at your business, hiding behind a bush, leaning against a lamp post, or wherever your imagination dictates. In order to decrease the amount of interplay between residents and promote social distancing, we ask that residents display their scarecrows in their front yard.  If this doesn’t work for you please contact the Green Team.  We may be able to suggest an alternate site for you.  Scarecrows can be spooky, business themed, patriotic, whatever you want; all creative imaginations welcome.  Don’t forget that the Green Team will be awarding a special prize for the scarecrow that we vote to have made the best use of recycled /upcycled materials.  Be sure to indicate that you are competing in this category on the your entry form (below).

Green Team Prize scarecrow entries will be judged on originality, artistry and the creative use of recycled materials. All scarecrows must be constructed of at least 80% recycled, reclaimed, and/or reused materials.  Materials like glue, nails, string, or other means of attaching items will count toward the allowable 20% new materials.

We want to encourage community spirit. Have fun!  You also need to name your creation and display it clearly, so visitors see the name.  (Feeling challenged creating your own Scarecrow?  See our Scarecrow Building Tips for help.  Or contact Lisa Feldman at 609-620-0722.)

The Hunt Details

People are going to follow clues to locate each of the Scarecrows, note its name on the ballot form, and then vote for their favorite All-Around Town Scarecrow.  Ballots will be available online and at the community centers.   Your Scarecrow should be on display from October 1st until October 28th .  The All-Around Town Scavenger Hunt People’s Choice Scarecrows will be announced on Saturday, October 30th at the annual Trunk or Treat event at the ESCC and posted on our Facebook page. ­Register using the form below.  Questions? Contact Lisa Feldman at 609-620-0722.

Your registration includes:

  • The ability for visitors to vote for your Scarecrow!
  • Your Scarecrow will be featured on our Website and our Social Media – all participant entries will be featured on our website (once the People’s Choices are announced)!

Register Your Scarecrow Today! 

Please fill out the fillable PDF form above and save it and then email it back to us at Or, fill out the form below.

When your registration is complete you will receive an email from  If you haven’t received an email from us confirming your registration by September 11th, we have not received it. Please call Lisa Feldman at 609-620-0722.