Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt – Business Registration

The Ewing Green Team is excited to announce the return of our popular Scarecrow Event this fall.  This year, in cooperation with the Ewing Arts Commission and Art Has No Boundaries, we are offering not only our annual Scarecrow Contest for individuals and groups, but we are also featuring an All-Around Town Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt that will run from September 28th through Oct. 23rd.   Local businesses and organizations are invited to create their own scarecrows to be included in our hunt.  Being a part of this community-wide event will be great for your business, increasing your name recognition and customer base, and should also be great fun for you and your staff.

Our plan is to feature scarecrows displayed throughout Ewing Township at your business, organization, and special town locations. What better way to get people in the Halloween Spirit than following the fun clues to track down the Scarecrows invading our town?

Create a Scarecrow

Participation in the Scavenger Hunt is free and open to all – businesses, organizations, schools, civic groups.  Just create your own Scarecrow and display it in front of your business, hiding behind a bush, leaning against a lamp post, inside, or wherever your imagination dictates. Scarecrows can be spooky, business themed, patriotic, whatever you want; all creative imaginations welcome.  We want to encourage community spirit. Have fun!  You also need to name your creation and display it clearly, so visitors see the name.  (Feeling challenged creating your own Scarecrow?  See our Scarecrow Building Tips for help.  Or contact Lisa Feldman at 609-620-0722.)

The Hunt Details

People are going to follow clues to locate each of the Scarecrows, find a secret word for their own entry and then vote for their favorite All-Around Town Scarecrow. Ballots will be available at locations around town and online.   Your Scarecrow should be on display from September 28th until October 23rd.  The All-Around Town Scavenger Hunt People’s Choice Scarecrow will be announced at the Trunk-or-Treat and 6th Annual Scarecrow Contest on Saturday, Oct 26th at the Ewing Senior and Community Center. ­­ ­­ Register using the form below.  Questions? Contact Lisa Feldman at 609-620-0722.

Your registration includes:

  • The ability for visitors to vote for your Scarecrow!
  • You will be featured on our Website and our Social Media – all participant entries will be featured on our website (once the People’s Choice is announced)!


Registration MUST be completed by September 15th to ensure inclusion in our event.

If you have your own Scarecrow or plan on making one, you MUST Register.  Only one registration is required if you have more than one Scarecrow to display at the same location.

Please use the form below to register your scarecrow in our 2019 Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt or click HERE to print out a paper form.