Ewing Fall Spin Retrospective

by Pete Boughton

With our 2015 Ewing Fall Spin successful in many ways, a rear-view mirror look-back is in order. Our biking advocacy team engendered a lot of positives on October 24 for which we are relieved and pleased and proud. About 4 dozen rode, vs the 2-3 dozen predicted. The foliage was gorgeous, the talks informative, the rest stop convivial, police and sag support effective, college student volunteers helpful, the Mayor’s kind words appreciated, the ride map, turn sheet and route arrows effective, and sponsorship wide-ranging.

We did dig out a few lessons learned as we plan for Fall 2016, such as firmer budget projections, resolving insurance issues and firming up the route earlier so as to more fully inform potential sponsors and cyclists . We will also ask those who cycled with us for helpful feedback.

The 2016 Fall Spin will be opened for initial planning first on Tuesday January 26th, 2016 at 7 pm at the ESCC, a meeting to which any cycling advocates will be heartily welcomed. From that point forward we will be progressively examining several activities expected in Ewing that will influence our second tour. Among these will be the expected pace of construction on the TCNJ campus and Campus Town, as well as the GM and Naval sites. Will Ewing resume a Community Fest partnership with TCNJ from which we might launch the tour, and if so, on what date? If not, what other event might we combine with? How can we meld in a true youth or family biking-related event such as a safety town or a mini-ride apart from the adult tour?

As you finish reading this, please consider reaching out with your interest, experience and advocacy by email to ewinggreenteam@gmail.com to help us create an even better second bike tour in Ewing!

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