Local Business Holds Shred Day for Clients

Recognizing Sustainable Business Initiatives

The EGT encourages local businesses to think greener and be greener.  Special kudos go to Garry Keel, owner of Money Management Associates, LLC, a Ewing business that specializes in tax preparation and financial management, who recently thought outside the box and held his own paper shredding event for his clients.   Garry encouraged his customers to drop off their sensitive documents and hired AutoShred, a Toms River paper shredding company, to shred on-site.  He reported: “We shredded 5 large bins of stuff.  10 clients dropped off stuff as well as my own stuff.  Very successful event and something that we will do again next spring. “

Document shredding (and subsequent recycling at paper mills) is an excellent way to contribute to waste stream reduction. It reduces the need for landfilling and incineration; prevents pollution caused by the manufacturing of products from virgin materials; decreases emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change; and conserves natural resources. According to the E.P.A. one ton of paper using recycled fiber saves 17 trees, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, 350 gallons of water and 100 gallons of gasoline.

We invite other Ewing businesses to share their green business practices with us.

Ewing Green Business Recognition Program

If your business has implemented changes that embrace greener, more sustainable policies and practices, we want to hear about it.   Take our green business assessment and become recognized as a Ewing Green Business.   Your business may already be greener than you think. Go through our checklist and discover where you stand in your quest to become a sustainable business. Recycling/waste reduction, energy and water conservation, green landscaping and transportation, and purchasing local, as well as recycled, are all elements that lead to a sustainable business.

For more information contact Evan Crumiller at 609-468-0462 or email us at ewinggreenteam@gmail.com.

One thought on “Local Business Holds Shred Day for Clients

  1. Pat

    Great idea! More small businesses can and should offer these “out of the box”, low-cost services to the Ewing community. Indeed, every little bit helps!

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