Surface Technology, Inc. and HomeFront NJ Join Ranks of Recognized Green Businesses in Ewing

The Ewing Green Team, in conjunction with Ewing Township, is proud to announce the 2nd Class of the Ewing Green Business Recognition Program, welcoming HomeFront NJ and Surface Technology, Inc. to its ranks.

The Ewing Green Business Recognition Program was started to both recognize and promote the hard work that local businesses have been doing to keep Ewing sustainable and environmentally-friendly, and also to incentivize local businesses considering becoming ‘green’ by demonstrating the positive results and reaction to sustainable practices.

HomeFront NJ, an organization that serves the most vulnerable members of our community, has long embodied an ethos for selflessness and care for the community at large,” Mayor Bert Steinmann said, speaking on one of the honorees. “Their work towards making their campus sustainable is extremely impressive, but not surprising as it reflects a compassion — and willingness to do the work — that we have come to expect from this wonderful organization.”

HomeFront NJ thoroughly embraces environmental sustainability in their daily management practices. Their installation of a roof-top solar system lowered their energy costs by up to 40%. New LED lighting in all parking lot light fixtures yields additional savings. Installation of energy efficient lighting and other upgrades in their garages using the Direct Install program funding was another recent undertaking. (Ask us how you too can save up to 70% on your small business energy upgrades…) HomeFront models strong business recycling practices, donating unwanted furniture, other supplies, and scrap materials to keep them out of our landfills, or using a waste exchange program. Even their Break Room is not too small to merit their attention. By using permanent tableware and refillable condiment containers, little things do add up and make a difference.

Surface Technology Inc also joined the newest class of official Green Businesses in Ewing, now totaling eight in all. “Surface Technology is a family-owned company with a strong, demonstrable commitment to the environment and keeping Ewing green,” Joanne Mullowney, Chair of the Ewing Green Team said. “As a company that manufactures special coatings for metal processing equipment, their ability to release zero discharge from their processes is nothing short of astonishing. Although they have worked towards a sustainable Ewing for years with no need for recognition, we are proud to shine a spotlight on the work they have done to make our town a better place.”

STI models a twofold approach to environmental sustainability through both facility operations and its manufacturing process, paying meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of its operations. The production facility is solar powered and has the capacity of saving over 2300 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions daily. In 2008 they retrofit their entire facility with energy saving light fixtures. Their manufacturing process offers important environmental benefits as opposed to alternate coating technologies. Their coatings use no chrome, eliminating the environmental problems associated with chrome plating. Their patented diamond coating used on metal machinery ultimately makes the equipment last longer and use less energy. Their thoughtful attention to day-to-day tasks in many of the aspects of sustainability embraces environmental best practices.

“The Ewing Green Business Recognition Program’s Third Class has already begun accepting applicants,” said program coordinator, Evan Crumiller.   Those interested should contact him at or by checking out our Green Business Recognition program information at

First Members of the Ewing Green Business Recognition Program Announced

The Ewing Green Team, in conjunction with the Ewing Municipal Government, honored the first six members of the newly-established Ewing Green Business Recognition Program at the September 13th  Council meeting.  These businesses, representatives of whom were presented with a proclamation and an “Official Ewing Green Business” display decal, are: Money Management Associates, Red Star Pizza, Robbins Pharmacy, Paul’s Liquor, Ewing Independent Living and the local Elk’s Lodge #105.

These businesses have demonstrated an admirable commitment to sustainability,” Councilwoman Sarah Steward said, “and the Mayor and Council, along with the Green Team, are proud to recognize them as environmental leaders and the first official Ewing Green Businesses.”

“With the new Ewing Green Business Recognition Program we hope to promote the outstanding work our local businesses are already doing to keep our town environmentally-friendly, as well as encourage those who have not yet embraced sustainability to recognize the cost-savings and positive recognition that result from taking an active role in the future of Ewing,” said Program Coordinator Evan Crumiller.

Each member of the first Green Business class has adapted sustainability guidelines to the unique circumstances of their business.

  • The Elks undertook a top-to-bottom retrofitting of their lodge and maintained undeveloped open space.
  • Ewing Independent Living incorporated all manner of state-of-the-art sustainable technology, such as solar panels and rain gardens, when building their new facility.
  • Money Management Associates encourages its customers to think sustainably by offering  its clients a Business Shred Day, where all manner of private and confidential documents were collected to be safely shredded and recycled.
  • Paul’s Liquor takes clear pride in implementing green business practices in a locally-owned, family-operated business environment.
  • Red Star Pizza has long recognized that environmentalism and the food-service industry go hand-in-hand, and their special practices include a strong recycling ethos, a switch to LED lighting and more.
  • Robbins Pharmacy displayed its commitment to the environment during its building renovations by installing 220 solar panels on the roof to help power the building.

The Green Team is already looking for members of the second class of the Ewing Green Business Recognition Program, and interested businesses are welcome to reach out to Program Coordinator Evan Crumiller at (609) 468-0462 or

Local Business Holds Shred Day for Clients

Recognizing Sustainable Business Initiatives

The EGT encourages local businesses to think greener and be greener.  Special kudos go to Garry Keel, owner of Money Management Associates, LLC, a Ewing business that specializes in tax preparation and financial management, who recently thought outside the box and held his own paper shredding event for his clients.   Garry encouraged his customers to drop off their sensitive documents and hired AutoShred, a Toms River paper shredding company, to shred on-site.  He reported: “We shredded 5 large bins of stuff.  10 clients dropped off stuff as well as my own stuff.  Very successful event and something that we will do again next spring. “

Document shredding (and subsequent recycling at paper mills) is an excellent way to contribute to waste stream reduction. It reduces the need for landfilling and incineration; prevents pollution caused by the manufacturing of products from virgin materials; decreases emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change; and conserves natural resources. According to the E.P.A. one ton of paper using recycled fiber saves 17 trees, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, 350 gallons of water and 100 gallons of gasoline.

We invite other Ewing businesses to share their green business practices with us.

Ewing Green Business Recognition Program

If your business has implemented changes that embrace greener, more sustainable policies and practices, we want to hear about it.   Take our green business assessment and become recognized as a Ewing Green Business.   Your business may already be greener than you think. Go through our checklist and discover where you stand in your quest to become a sustainable business. Recycling/waste reduction, energy and water conservation, green landscaping and transportation, and purchasing local, as well as recycled, are all elements that lead to a sustainable business.

For more information contact Evan Crumiller at 609-468-0462 or email us at