Meet Garry Keel : New 2017 EGT Appointee

The Ewing Green Team is pleased to announce that it has recently added a new member to its roster of sustainability advocates in Ewing Township.  Garry Keel is a New Jersey native and long term Ewing resident.  He is the owner and founder of a small business in town, Money Management Associates, which has specialized in tax preparation and financial services since 1984.   Money Management Associates recently received recognition for its sustainable business practices and commitment to the environment  with one of our first Ewing Green Business awards.

Garry KeelDr. Keel received a bachelor’s degree from Rider College (now Rider University), a master’s degree from Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey), and a doctoral degree from Fordham University.  After working in higher education for many years he is now retired and focusing on his business, giving back to his community and “lots of fun stuff.”  He particularly enjoys biking for fun and exercise.   This is, in fact, where we first met up with Garry.  He joined the EGT for its first Ewing Fall Spin in 2015 and was hooked by both the ride itself and the engagement with members of his community.  He participated in planning the 2016 ride and was a ride sponsor.  Now that he has been appointed to the green team, promoting the ride will be an area of focus for him.

Besides his numerous other volunteer activities, Garry has focused on establishing practices to make his business more sustainable.  He has set up his own “Shred Day” for his customers and community members, where they can bring their important and confidential paper documents to his business to be shredded and recycled.  He is also a new advocate for the State of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program’s Direct Install program for small and medium-sized businesses.   This program offers grants of up to 70% of the costs for energy saving building upgrades.   He is currently in process with his own building upgrades and will report back to us on his satisfaction with the program.  He states that he initially had a hard time believing that the state really pays for 70% of the costs, but seeing is believing as he has recently just written his check for only 30% of the planned upgrades!

The EGT is delighted that Garry has decided to join us in promoting sustainability in our Township. We welcome the perspective a small business owner and biking advocate will bring to our efforts. The EGT asks you too to join with us in our work.  Come to a meeting and find a way that you can help us influence others to make needed positive changes for a better tomorrow for our town, our state, our country and our world.

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