Ewing Green Businesses


Ewing Businesses Building a Greener Ewing!

2nd Class

The second class of Ewing businesses recognized as committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices was recognized at the May 28, 2019 Township Council meeting.  These businesses were presented with a proclamation and an “Official Ewing Green Business” display decal.  Members of this second class include HomeFront NJ and Surface Technology, Inc.

HomeFront NJ

Connie Mercer  | Founder and CEO
HomeFront Family Campus
101 Celia Way
Ewing, NJ 08628
HomeFront NJ thoroughly embraces environmental sustainability in their daily management practices. Their installation of a roof-top solar system lowered their energy costs by up to 40%. New LED lighting in all parking lot light fixtures yields additional savings. Installation of energy efficient lighting and other upgrades in their garages using the Direct Install program funding was another recent undertaking. (Ask us how you too can save up to 70% on your small business energy upgrades…) HomeFront models strong business recycling practices, donating unwanted furniture, other supplies, and scrap materials to keep them out of our landfills, or using a waste exchange program. Even their break room is not too small to merit their attention. By using permanent tableware and refillable condiment containers, little things do add up and make a difference.

Surface Technology, Inc. 

Michael Feldstein | President
1405 Lower Ferry Road
Ewing, NJ 08618
STI models a twofold approach to environmental sustainability through both facility operations and its manufacturing process, paying meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of its operations. The production facility is solar powered and has the capacity of saving over 2300 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions daily. In 2008 they retrofit their entire facility with energy saving light fixtures. Their manufacturing process offers important environmental benefits as opposed to alternate coating technologies. Their coatings use no chrome, eliminating the environmental problems associated with chrome plating. Their patented diamond coating used on metal machinery ultimately makes the equipment last longer and use less energy. Their thoughtful attention to day-to-day tasks in many of the aspects of sustainability embraces environmental best practices.

1st Class

The first  Ewing businesses recognized as committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices with our Ewing Green Business award were honored at the September 13, 2016  Council meeting.  These businesses, representatives of whom were presented with a proclamation and an “Official Ewing Green Business” display decal, are: Money Management Associates, Red Star Pizza, Robbins Pharmacy, Paul’s Liquor, Ewing Independent Living and the local Elk’s Lodge #105.

Each member of the Green Business class has adapted sustainability guidelines to the unique circumstances of their business.

Elk’s Lodge #105 

 Jim Castelize – Exalted Ruler | Fraternal Organization
42 DeCou Ave., West Trenton
The Trenton Elks Lodge #105 preserves Ewing green spaces by keeping the land around the lodge undeveloped and useful for sports, barbecues, and community gatherings, and has realized tremendous cost savings by implementing a comprehensive sustainability plan while updating all aspects of the lodge building, from the low-energy light bulbs and green-friendly cleaning materials to low water usage restrooms and rechargeable batteries.  They are currently investigating installing solar.   The Elks are particularly proud of the way their Tuesday night dinners are managed. All food is purchased locally and the veggies are farm fresh.  They don’t freeze any foods – all are prepared fresh.

Ewing Independent Living

Rebecca Lynn | Affordable housing apartments for seniors and adults with developmental disabiltiies
1015 Whitehead Road Extension, Ewing
Ewing Independent Living has thoroughly embraced sustainability while providing affordable housing to seniors and adults with developmental disabilities.  It has taken such actions as installing solar panels, donating unused furniture and scrap materials, creating a rain garden to catch roof runoff, and providing residents with instruction on composting, gardening, and recycling.  Ewing Independent Living endeavors to purchase items made in USA with stricter regulation on plastics and labor.

Money Management Associates

Garry M. Keel, Owner | Tax preparation and Financial Services
1194 Parkway Ave., Ewing
Money Management Associates consistently engages the Ewing community with sustainable and customer-friendly actions, such as providing a “Shred Day” for customers and community members, where they can bring their important and confidential paper documents to his business to be shredded and recycled, and always looking to take an active and visible role in local environmental events such as the annual municipal bike ride.  Money Management Associates brings many sustainable practices to a business setting, from using compostable garbage bag liners to utilizing and recycling electronic resources in the most energy efficient manner.

Paul’s Liquor Store

Kiran Patel | Retail Liquor Store
1676 Penninton Road, Ewing
Paul’s Liquor has worked hard to bring a sustainability mindset to everyday business, including such actions as replacing standard fluorescent lights with low mercury fluorescents, donating unused materials, printing on the back of previously printed paper, utilizing timed lighting controls, shading sun-exposed windows, and installing high-efficiency faucet aerators and low-water usage toilets.

Red Star Pizza

Maria Bua, Owner |  family owned and operated restaurant featuring fresh Italian food
308 Bear Tavern Road, West Trenton
Red Star trains employees to think green from day one, and brings sustainability to the many different aspects of the restaurant business, including refillable condiment containers, electronic billing, and use of a certified “e-Steward” when recycling electronic equipment.

Robbins Pharmacy

Marc Robbins, Owner |  Retail family owned and operated pharmacy
2108 Pennington Road
Serves as a role model to local business owners who would like to implement sustainable actions in an office setting.  Robbins Pharmacy utilizes reused, refilled, and remanufactured supplies, reduces everyday printing and prints on recycled paper, appropriately recycles electronic equipment, and used low-emissions building materials when remodeling.  They have a 220  panel solar array on the roof to power the building.