2016 EGT Annual Report

Hot off the presses – the Ewing Green Team’s 2016 Annual Report has just been published!  2016 was a year of milestone accomplishments and recognition for Ewing Township, its Green Team and sustainability partners.  Highlights include:

  •  Sustainable Jersey SILVER certification,
  • a Sustainability Champion award for medium-sized municipalities,
  • a $20k grant for Emerald Ash Borer remediation efforts to make significant headway against a regional and national threat to one of the signature tree species of the region, and finally,
  • our Association of NJ Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) Environmental Achievement award.

These accomplishments reflect the efforts of the team to continue to build on previous years’ efforts and plans. The Ewing Green Team’s Strategic Plan, created during the 2014-2105 Community Visioning process, guided the team in completing those recommended actions for our Sustainable Jersey recertification effort in the first half of 2016. In 2013, Ewing amassed 185 points for Bronze level certification. In 2016, we completed 32 of the rigorous Sustainable Jersey program sustainability actions for a total of 460 points, for Silver level certification. Ewing’s actions are documented in Ewing’s Sustainable Jersey Profile and 2016 Silver Certification Report on Sustainable Jersey’s website.

The Ewing Green Team continues to actively participate in regional sustainability efforts thru the Mercer County Sustainability Coalition, a county-wide coalition that aims to address environmental concerns that span municipal borders.  Ewing has been a central figure in the formation and institutionalization of the organization.

None of this would have been possible without the active support of Mayor Bert Steinmann and Township Business Administrator Jim McManimon who have been key partners in helping us attain our goals. Township Council has worked to help us reach our goals throughout this and previous years and our 2016 Green Team council member Sarah Steward was an invaluable part of the Green Team’s recertification efforts. Councilwoman Jennifer Keyes-Maloney also provided aid in completing a number of difficult actions. Township Planner Chuck Latini was responsible for documenting actions worth 75 points, including hard-to-get actions such as Brownfields and Transit Oriented Development Supportive Zoning. Recreation Department Director Ted Forst also worked with us to complete a number of important projects.

We also owe great thanks to numerous other boards, committees and organizations in town with whom we partnered to complete activities including, but not limited to, the Ewing Environmental Commission, the Arts Commission, the Planning Board, the Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society, the Girl Scouts, the TCNJ Bonner Community Scholars, and the West Trenton Garden Club.  We look forward to continuing our work with our partners in the Township and regionally in the coming year and to including more individuals, businesses, and community-based organizations in our efforts and for the future.

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