Are You Using Energy?

The Ewing Green Team joins its partner members of the Mercer County Sustainability Coalition in observing Energy Efficiency Month.  This October we encourage you to rethink your energy use. Watch this space every day for a new Energy Efficiency Tip. Be creative. Be innovative. Start thinking about ways that you can reduce your energy use at home and at work.

The average household uses this much energy every year :

8,500 kWh of electricity (costing $1,400 and emitting 4,500 pounds of CO2)

1,000 therms of natural gas (costing $1,000 emitting 11,300 pounds of CO2)

1,000 gallons of gasoline (costing $2,300 and emitting 19,600 pounds of CO2)

Where are you going to do to reduce your energy usage?

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