It’s Scarecrow Time!

Mayor Bert Steinmann, the Ewing Green Team, Ewing Arts Commission and Art Has No Boundaries are pleased to announce that our 2nd All Around Town Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt is now open. 49 Ewing local businesses, civic groups, organizations, schools and residents have signed up to create and display their very own scarecrows!  We invite you to join the hunt and test your hometown knowledge for a chance to win cash prizes and bragging rights!

Look for our scarecrows all around town: in storefronts, in front yards and on the grounds of local businesses.  Those of local businesses and organizations may be somewhat easier to find as we may reference information about them in their clues.  Residential scarecrows may be somewhat more difficult.  (Hint) Think general and Ewing history, neighborhoods, streets and more.

Also, many residents around town may also be getting in the Halloween spirit and putting out their own scarecrows in their yards.  The Scarecrows in our Hunt will always have the Scarecrow Name and number.


First, and most importantly, you will want to know more about the prizes.  This year we have the following:

Grand Prize Drawing – To be entered into the drawings for the $200 grand prize, $100 second prize, and $50 third prize, you must find and supply the scarecrow names as follows:  All participants who find 41 or more scarecrows will earn three entries into our drawing.  Participants who find between 31 and 40 scarecrows will earn two entries into the drawing. Participants who find between 25 and 30 scarecrows will earn one entry in our drawing.  Anyone finding ALL 49 of the Scarecrows will receive an additional bonus of 2 entries into the drawing.

People’s Choice Awards  There are two People’s choice awards: (1) Business | Organization | School and (2) Residential.  Please vote for your favorite scarecrow(s) after you have completed the hunt.  Look for the R (resident) next to a scarecrow’s number to help you determine in which category a scarecrow belongs in order to help you vote.

Three scarecrows have been created by members of the planning committee and are ineligible to be considered for the People’s Choice Awards.  They are so noted on the ballot form.

Green Team Prize – As the Green Team, we are hoping for lots of recycling and ‘upcycling’ to be incorporated in our scarecrows.  Green Team members will vote for the Scarecrow with the most creative use of recycled materials (must be 80%).


Scarecrows will be displayed from Oct 1st thru October 29th.   Hunt ballots with our clues are available in electronic format or paperPrintable paper ballots are available here.  Until Township buildings have reopened, there will be a plastic envelope next to the Tax Drop Box near the back door of the municipal building with copies.  Once the buildings have reopened, the printed copies will be available in the upper lobby of the municipal building, at the office at the Ewing Senior and Community Center, and on a table in the downstairs lobby of the Hollowbrook Community Center.

Deadlines and Drawings

The Scavenger Hunt will take place from Thursday, October 1st to 4:30 pm, Thursday, October 29th.  To be eligible to be included in the drawings for the grand prize, you must find the scarecrows and their names and submit your ballot by 4:30 p.m., on the October 29th either electronically or using the paper ballot and depositing it in the Tax Drop Box.   No submissions will be accepted after that time.

The drawing will take place and winners will be announced on Saturday, Oct 31st via Zoom.  This event is open to Ewing residents and workers only.  To get further details on how you can have a safe and great time while engaging in our Hunt see our Rules page on our website.

We encourage all our Ewing Scarecrow Hunters to stay safe by wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines while on the hunt.   We are hopeful that this will be a great opportunity for Ewing residents to experience some much needed fun during the Halloween season. Have a great time!

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