Kick the Habit: A Dirty Dozen of Common Gardening Bad Habits You Need to Kick

Bad Habit #4: Lawns

Lawns are not native. They do not provide food or habitat for wildlife. They take up huge swaths of the country (over 40 million areas). They require the application of ecologically harmful chemicals to maintain a pristine expanse of weed-free turf, as well as regular watering. They also require weekly cutting with gas guzzling and pollution emitting equipment. Many homeowners still bag the grass clippings, depriving lawns of valuable nutrients and adding to the solid waste stream.

KICK THE HABIT We recommend that you remove some of your lawn to provide wildlife habitat and leave your clippings on the lawn.  For more information about grasscycling see Ewing’s Department of Public Works brochure on the topic webpage (and brochure) on this topic.

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