Weigh In EWING! Should Ewing Continue the Annual Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt? 

Organizers of Ewing’s Annual Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt (the Ewing Green Team, Arts Commission, and Art Has No Boundaries) want to hear from YOU about Ewing’s Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt!

Why are we asking? Because without YOU it doesn’t it doesn’t make sense to continue.  

  • PharCrow

A little about the event – during the month of October residents have an opportunity to scour the community, based on clues, looking for Scarecrows in plain sight.  Ewing residents and businesses participate in the event by creating and hosting Scarecrows in and around the town.  

The challenge – planning the Scavenger Hunt takes a significant amount of time and energy, as well as lots of fundraising volunteer hours.  Sadly, last year’s event had fewer scarecrow hosts and hunters than in previous years.  We wonder why?

We have cash prizes, challenging (and fun!) clues to figure out, and it’s free!  

So, we are hoping that hearing from YOU will help us decide whether to continue this annual event!

The Scarecrow Scavenger Event was created to give our residents a fun, shared experience; to encourage a sense of community, to get people out and about in our town; and to promote name recognition for our local participating businesses.   And during the pandemic, folks were really engaged with the ‘hunt’ as we affectionally call it.   Since that time, we’ve seen a drop off in the number of participants in the contest so we are wondering why?

We’re asking for feedback from the people like YOU who live and work in Ewing, the people who are eligible to ‘host’ and/or ‘hunt.’ 

Should we go for year 5, or scrap the Scavenger Hunt and come up with another activity for our community? 

Simply answer our short survey at https://forms.gle/BbmevC3NkjWo7NFS7 .

Questions or an idea – please send an email to the Green Team at  ewinggreenteam@gmail.com

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