Conversation Documents

Listed below are documents generated during the Ewing Green Team’s Community Conversation: Preserving Our Past, Transforming Our Future, a process that began on June 7, 2014.

June 7th

  • Visioning 1 Summary
    Meeting Date – June 7th
    Attendees – 50+
    This document is a summary of the first Visioning held on Saturday, June 7, 2014 at the College of New Jersey in Ewing. This Visioning was attended by over 50 members of the Ewing community. These attendees were selected through a vigorous stakeholder identification process and though many invitees could not attend, many asked to be included in future correspondence about the visioning and strategic planning process. In order to elicit responses from those invitees that could not attend the visioning, the Green Team drafted a survey consisting of the questions posed to the attendees at the event. The responses from these surveys will be identified separately since those responding to the survey did not have the benefit of direction from the facilitators and participation in the group conversation.

July Meeting

  • Action Prioritization Matrix
    Meeting Date – July  30, 2014
    Attendees – 27
    This document contains a summary of all of the key performance actions selected by the meeting participants on June 7th as well as additional actions in the area of Community Engagement and Waste/Recycling from the meeting on July 30th.  It contains, in addition, a rating by the members of the July 30th audience, of the “feasibility” of the actions listed in those two categories.  The key performance actions for the additional categories will be fleshed out and rated during the August and September Green Team meetings.

August Meeting

  • Action Prioritization Matrix
    Meeting Date – August 27, 2014
    Attendees – 37
    This file includes the results of the August meeting during which we discussed Conservation and Preservation as well as Land Use/Development.  The contents of these two areas were fine tuned with clarification added for certain of the actions and additional suggestions.  The action items were then rated by each of the six tables of attendees.  These ratings were then summarized and averaged and then filled into the original matrix.

September Meeting

  • Action Prioritization Matrix Post September 2014
    Meeting Date – September 24, 2014
    Attendees – 28
    This latest file contains the results of the meetings thru the September meeting during which we discussed the last two key performance areas – Local Economy and Community Branding.  As during the earlier months we fine tuned the original suggestions from the Visioning Day to add clarification to detail exactly what was meant by each suggestion.  Then we asked the meeting attendees to amplify the matrix with any additional suggestions.  The action items were then rated by each of the five tables of attendees (see table scores pages).  These ratings were then summarized and averaged and then filled into the original matrix.

October Meeting

  • Action Prioritization Matrix Final
    Meeting Date – October 22, 2014
    Attendees – 16
    This final matrix file contains the results of the meetings thru the October meeting during which we discussed and set goals for the energy committee to include as a key performance area to be included in our strategic plan.  Afterwards, we worked on selecting the top 3 doable actions from each category as our immediate goals that the GT could accomplish.  We again fine tuned suggestions and combined many of them into one action category as they were related.  For example, many of the suggestions had to do with biking and walking issues, more trails, connecting trails, safety issues and more.  These were combined into one issue.  These were summarized on the initial pages of the Matrix.  The working pages from the previous months follow in the document.  All of the actions will be presented as recommendations from our work in our final Strategic Plan with hopes that other groups can act upon them or that they can be accomplished after our first goals have been completed.

Strategic Plan (draft)

  • EGT Strategic Plan
    Visioning 2
    Meeting Date – January 12, 2015
    This draft copy of the Ewing Green Team’s Strategic Plan was prepared for our Visioning 2 session scheduled for January 12, 2015 at the Ewing Senior and Community Center.

Finalized Strategic Plan

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