The Work of Community Building Continues

The July 30th monthly Ewing Green Team meeting was an eventful one, as Ewing residents began, along with the Ewing Green team, the process of  building on the ideas generated the June 7th Community Visioning Day.  The meeting’s purpose was to formulate practical actions regarding the goals that residents articulated in June and a full roster of participants indicated their interest in the task at hand.

Led by Lori Braunstein and Natalie Barney, our facilitators from Maga Sustainability, an Action Prioritization Matrix was created which contained a summary of all of the key performance actions selected by the meeting participants on June 7th as well as additional actions in the area of Community Engagement and Waste/Recycling from the meeting on July 30th.  It contains, in addition, a rating by the members of the July 30th audience, of the “doability” of the actions listed in those two categories.  The key performance actions for the additional categories will be fleshed out and rated during the August and September Green Team meetings, so be sure to attend.

For all who might be interested, all documents generated from the Visioning process can be found on our website under Conversation Documents.

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